Fireworks Safety

We at the Fireworks Den encourage a safe and responsible understanding of fireworks and their use. As a result, we have written a safety guide for all of our customers to refer to when storing, handling and using our range of fireworks.

Before the display

  • Read all of the instructions for each firework. Ensure that you store your fireworks in a cool, dry place, well away from any sources of ignition.
  • Ensure that all fireworks are separated from their respective packaging. Remember that they are delicate, so handle them with care.
  • Never smoke when handling fireworks
  • When unpacking the fireworks, ensure that you do so in a safe environment, away from any sources of ignition.

Considering your site

The first thing to consider is ensuring that your fireworks are a safe distance from your spectators, and any hazards such as buildings, trees or overhead power lines. Most fireworks require a minimum safe distance of 25 metres. However, this is a minimum distance, hence we would recommend that you keep your firing site as far from the crowd as practically possible.

It is also important to bear in mind where the debris from your fireworks will land (debris being burning embers and rocket sticks). A clear area behind the firing site separating you from the crowd should be retained in order for the debris to fall to the ground safely. Also think about the prevailing wind direction – try to place your audience upwind of the firing site.

Access and exit points for the site should be clearly marked and easily accessible, not just for the audience but also for the emergency services. Remember that it is the organisers responsibility to ensure the safety of the crowd, so make sure that all entrances and exits are well lit and far enough away from the firing area.

Lastly, if you are organising an event in which members of the general public will attend, then you should consider your public liability. Speak with your insurance provider for more information regarding this.

Your Display

  • All persons responsible for firing the displays should be familiar with the firing order and know exactly which fireworks they are responsible for lighting
  • You should ensure that no unauthorised persons enter the display area and, if necessary, appoint a steward for this purpose
  • Under no circumstances should any person under the influence of drugs or alcohol be involved in the handling or firing of fireworks
  • Never aim fireworks across the crowd
  • Keep set pieces at least 10ft apart in order to avoid cross ignition
  • Make sure to wear the appropriate clothing when handling and lighting the fireworks, e.g. heat resistant gloves, safety goggles, non-flammable clothing
  • Children must be kept under adult supervision at all times
  • Never leave any fireworks unattended
  • Should any firework fail to ignite, DO NOT APPROACH FOR AT LEAST 15 MINUTES after the display has finished and then dowse in water or dry powder and leave for 24 hours where possible