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This blog entry is about firework laws and regulations in the UK. If you are interested in firework laws and regulations in any other country, we suggest you search for your governmental directives regarding fireworks published in your chosen country.

There are many firework laws and regulations in the UK, and we are going to highlight some of the most commonly asked questions here. If there is something you are not sure about, please contact us at Fireworks Den and we will try to answer your questions.

When can I light fireworks?

Firework laws and regulations surrounding this are relatively simple. Fireworks can be used any day of the year in the UK. Yes, they are not just for Guy Fawkes! HOWEVER, with exception to the following dates, fireworks cannot be lit after 11pm.

  • 5th November (Guy Fawkes) – Until Midnight
  • 31st December (New Year’s Eve) – Until 1am
  • Diwali (Variable dates each year) – Until 1am
  • Chinese New Year (Variable dates) – Until 1am

Can I light fireworks anywhere?

The short answer here is NO. You can legally set off fireworks on your own private land, or where you explicitly have the landowners permission. It is ILLEGAL to set off fireworks in any public place including parks, streets or beaches. There are obvious safety issues here such as people being injured, and fireworks being mistaken for distress flares at sea.

Do I need insurance?

The firework laws and regulations regarding insurance largely depend on the type of display you are having. It is the understanding of Fireworks Den that you do not need insurance to hold a small private firework display in your own private land. If you are hosting a larger display where members of the public are invited, then it would be advised to take the appropriate insurance in this case. Ultimately it is your responsibility to keep people and the land safe during the display and to return the area in the same condition as it was before the display.

Do I need a license to set off fireworks?

This depends on the types of fireworks you are using. If you are using category 2 or 3 fireworks in a private display (see previous blog entry about firework categories here) then you do not need a license to light consumer fireworks. If you are using professional fireworks, you will need to be licensed. In this instance, you should have acquired this license and qualification with the organisation whom are hosting the display.

Can anyone buy fireworks?

According to UK firework laws and regulations, only persons over the age of 18 are able to purchase consumer (category 2 or 3) fireworks. You may be asked to provide identification in the form of a passport or driving license for this. The law concerning the age restriction can be seen here.

Can I transport fireworks?

Fireworks are classified as explosives. As such they cannot be sent through the post, and are often prohibited on airlines, boats, trains and other forms of public transport. We would suggest that you contact the specific carrier you wish to use to see if it is possible to transport your fireworks if labelled and stored correctly. If transporting in your own vehicle, please refer to your own insurance companies to check if transporting fireworks effects your insurance policy.

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