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Bringing the correct firework equipment along with you when creating a firework display is an essential part of firework safety. Here at Firereworks Den, we have provided a helpful checklist of firework equipment which is both handy as well as essential.

Wooden Stakes/posts

These are essential for supporting your fireworks and ensuring that they cannot move from their position on the ground. You can buy these in many garden centers, or simply make them from old timer. A spike on one end will help to push the stakes into the ground. You can use larger posts to attach catherine wheels to. Think of the sizes you might require so that you can have the appropriate length and thickness of the stakes pre-prepared.

Gaffa Tape

There isnt a much better way to secure your fireworks to your stakes other than using gaffa tape – an invaluable piece of firework equipment indeed! There are many varieties on the market – you can see a selection here.

A heavy duty hammer/mallet

Use one of these to help push the wooden stakes into the ground. This is an especially useful piece of firework equipment if the ground is dry. The type of mallet used here is similar to one used for tent pegs when camping.


These should be used to fix catherine wheels to your wooden stakes. Most catherine wheels should come with a nail, but in case it is missing from the packet, or damaged, it is always a good idea to take some spares with you.

Wooden Boards

If you cannot be sure that the ground is level where you plan to have your display, you might want to consider taking some wooden boards with you so that any cakes or barrages sit correctly. This will not only guarantee you a level surface, but it will also protect the base of your fireworks from any ground moisture.

Cable Ties

Another useful piece of firework equipment here. A great way to attach roman candles to posts.

Labels, Permanent Pens, & Firing List

Plan the order you wish to light your fireworks to create the perfect display. (See previous blog entry on suggested lighting orders). This is your firing list. Also mark some self adhesive labels with numbers to match the list and stick to the firework. This will be very useful when setting them out.

Bin Liners

These will not only be great for keeping your fireworks dry until they are being used, but will also prove to be invaluable when clearing up the site at the end of the display! Use strong bags as fireworks can be heavy and might break through cheaper bin liners.

Torch and batteries

Most firework displays will happen at night time or low light conditions, so bring a torch with spare batteries so that you can see what you are doing! It will help to ensure the firework is facing in the correct direction, and that it is securely fixed in place. A head torch is ideal since it will keep your hands free. Remember to bring more than one if someone else is helping you with the display.

Wire Cutters / strong scissors/ Knife

Some fireworks will be sold in metal cages for safe transportation. It is a good idea to bring some wire cutters or strong scissors to help open the cages. A knife or scissors will also be helpful to open up any extra firework packaging.

Portfires and lighters

Portfires are used to light the fuses on fireworks safely. They burn for a long time and will not blow out with a gust of wind. You should never light a firework directly with a match or lighter, since it should be done at arms length. Remember you will need to bring a lighter (preferably windproof) to light the portfire in the first place too!

Suitable clothing

Although this is not strictly ‘firework equipment’ it is still good to consider what you are wearing when lighting fireworks. We would recommend that you wear some sturdy shoes which will not slip in any wet or muddy conditions. You might also want to wear safety goggles and gloves too. Remember to wrap up warm too – Winter nights can be very chilly!

Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher or buckets of water should always be present at any firework display. This will help put out any flames which should not be there! Remember never to return to a lit firework however. If a firework is smoldering  it is best to leave it until it has cooled down completely. Some people also like to have a bucket of sand at hand for these purposes too.

First Aid Kit and mobile phone

Should there be any small injuries, it is always best to have a first aid kit handy. Even with the most well prepared firework displays, it is good to have an element of caution. You should also have a fully charged mobile phone with you to contact the emergency services if necessary.

Perimeter tape & poles

These are both essential bits of firework equipment so that you can clearly mark the area where the fireworks are, and where no spectators should pass. Remember to consider the safety distances suggested on each firework – they are there for a reason! A bright coloured tape attached around poles will be better in low light conditions.

Food and Drink

Setting up a display can take some time, so keep your energy levels up and come prepared with some food and drinks – even a thermos with something warm! Please do not drink any alcohol when in charge of a firework display. You are in a position of responsibility and must keep yourself and everyone else safe at the same time.

Some optional extra firework equipment might include a trolley to help move heavier firework boxes, some camping chairs so your guests can sit back and enjoy the show, and also a decent camera or camcorder to record the show – you can then look back and remember what a great (and well prepared) time you had!

Of course don’t forget to bring the fireworks too! Check out our full range at Fireworks Den!

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