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Firework competitions take place as the Summer months begin. Usually these are hosted by firework enthusiasts who invite some of the leading manufacturers to display their new best fireworks available to buy for the coming Guy Fawkes and New Year’s Eve.

Here you can find some of the best shows to go to across the UK this year!

At these firework competitions, you can see the latest products, see fireworks accompanied by music, chat to the experts, and even rate the fireworks to help decide on the firework competitions winner!

If you cant get to any of these firework competitions, how about hosting your own! Remember to consider your space, and to be safe at all times – there is plenty of information about all of this in previous blog entries!

If you are hosting your own firework competitions, think of some categories for people to compete in – get your guests to bring an item for each category, and let the spectators choose the winner. Some category ideas we can think of here at Fireworks Den include

Of course, here at Fireworks Den we have the winning fireworks, so click the links above for what we think are the winners!

In the meantime, remember we are open for business all year round, so please visit us orcontact us for any advice.

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