We are party people, ready to provide the spark to your party.
After 25 years in business, we know which fireworks will insure you have crackling time.

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Our vast range of fireworks at Fireworks Den will amaze you: from The King and Big Mama rockets to the sell-out Tajfun large barrage to new compound cakes like Awakening. We have the biggest and brightest selection of fireworks in London. We deliver within the M25 area.

Fireworks for Every Occasion

Whether it’s for Halloween, a Guy Fawkes display, Christmas and New Year celebrations, Weddings and parties of any kind, we have fireworks for you. Our firework selection boxes, including roman candles and Catherine wheels, are perfect for all your family fun.

Fireworks for Every Budget

Our firework experts ensure high quality without compromising on price, so we have fireworks for everyone. Our cheapest fireworks are £7.50 for a sparkling fountain rising up to fantastic 3-minute single-ignition displays as stand alone fireworks or box as a grand finale.

Choose from fireworks  Barrages,  Rockets, Catherine wheels or Roman candles, Selection Boxes, Mines, Cones, Fountains  or for something a little more safe and subtle, there are also Chinese lanterns, indoor fireworks and sparklers, which always prove popular among the youngsters. Fireworks shop All year round

Fireworks at Fireworks Den

Fireworks delivery 7 days a week

Fireworks Den is delivering 7 days a week. Our fireworks experts are available to guide you through and answer all your fireworks questions.

Best Quality

We hand pick fireworks from the best firework manufacturers to ensure we have the best on offer for you.

Delivery M25

We deliver within the M25 area.

Fireworks sold online only

We can only sell fireworks online via our website. We love fireworks and we love talking to people who love fireworks but unfortunately due to the Councils regulations, we cannot store fireworks at our showroom. 

Fireworks Den always Up-to-date

We are constantly refreshing our fireworks stock to ensure we have all the current top fireworks for our customers. Based on customer feedback we make sure to stock all the popular classics and best-sellers.