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American Independence day is fast approaching! 4th July marks the 237th year of Independence from Great Britain. This is a federal holiday in the United States to commemorate the adoption of the Official Declaration of Independence. Hundreds of thousands of people celebrate across the United States with parades, family reunions, barbeques, and of course – 4th July Fireworks.

The roars of the American National Anthem will be heard across the county, whilst people watch 4th July fireworks soar into the night sky. Traditionally, some of the largest 4th July firework displays occur on Lake Michigan (Chicago), over The Charles River in Boston, and Mission Bay in San Diego. The American Pyrotechnics Association (APA) estimates that more than 14,000 fireworks displays light up U.S. skies each 4th of July.

You can check out a video over Lake Michigan here.

Last year’s 4th July Fireworks in San Diego certainly gained some press coverage when an entire 20 minute display ignited and lasted a full 30 seconds! Check it out here.

With so many Americans now living in the UK, celebrations here in London are growing every year. There are 4th July firework displays both for the general public as well as many people holding parties in their own private gardens.

Here at Fireworks Den, we have a large selection of fireworks available to buy which are suitable for gardens of all shapes and sizes. We have fireworks in red, white and blue for those who want to light the sky in the patriotic colours, and of course we have 4th July fireworks with different effects and sounds depending on your preference.

Next week we will update you on some of the best buys for this year, but for the moment why not check out the full range here at Fireworks Den. Come in and view our selection, or order online whilst stocks are still high and get guaranteed delivery before 4th July.

Contact us for more information and any advice.

Happy Independence Day from all here at Fireworks Den!

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