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As promised from last week, here is our shortlist of 4th July fireworks from Fireworks Den which we believe will make any Independence day celebration go with a bang!

For our first choice of 4th July Fireworks is the Go Go Dance Fountain. This is 3 Fountains in 1. You cant ask for more than that! Great value for money with this fountain

Our next 4th July fireworks choice would be the 13″ conic silver fountain. This huge conic weighs 1kg and ejects a huge colour spray up to 8 metres high.

We cant recommend this next one enough. A brand new firework for 2013 – Merry Berry. Fast paced and pure fun is the name of the game with this 25 Shot cake. Brilliant Red Stars followed by crackling Dragon Eggs fill the sky as Merry Berry’s lights up the night and puts a smile on everyone’s face. A bargain at only £10!


Starburst is also a fab choice as far as 4th July fireworks go. This fantastic 50 shot cake with its multicoloured effects is a perfect finale cakes for smaller spaces. Its pretty long lasting for the money too!

Sky ambush has also made the final cut for 4th July Fireworks this year. Effects include coloured bursts, crackles, whistles and  a huge finale. Loud whistling comet tails to silver palms will delight your audience.

Attack of the 80ft snake is one of our favourites here at Fireworks Den. Not only has it got a particularly menacing name, but its effects are also intense! You can see the video on this link too!

Another newbie for 2013, and without any hesitation is joining the 4th July fireworks wish list is the Chrysanthemum Show of Fireworks. This large barrage boasts 49 shots and includes blue mines and silver chrysanthemums. A real crowd pleaser.

Our penultimate choice for 2013’s 4th july fireworks range is Total Turmoil. This single ignition is enough to put everyone in turmoil with its huge blasts of colour, crackles, twisters and palms – the ultimate finale barrage! 95 seconds.

And finally, the Oriental Emperor. This was hugely popular last year too, and promises to be a best seller in terms of 4th July fireworks for 2013 too. A superb 2-1/2 minute display, starting with comet tailed bombette bursts, changing to angled screaming silver whistles, followed by larger calibre shell bursts of colour then onto a crescendo of shellbursts, then changing to a fan of amazing comet tails with a wall of crackling colour, building into a finale of large shellburst effects with a volley of reports to finish. BIG performance and sure to impress.

So what are you waiting for? Order today from Fireworks Den to ensure delivery before 4th July whilst stocks last. You can always contact us for more information or come in store to speak directly with our firework experts. We look forward to seeing you soon! Happy 4th July!







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